MAB 7310/7410

Vloerveren - 7310/7410 serie
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  • One body size for the two series with a totalclosing force range from 5 Nm up to 28 Nm.
  • Universal for right, left or double action doors.
  • Suitable for timber, metal and glass doors.
  • Ideal for residential interiors thanks to adjustable opening/closing force that makes door opening/closing easy.
  • Adjustment in all directions within the cement box to solve floor level problems without taking down the door.
  • Wide range of vertical adjustment to ensure any clearance from 3 to 12 mm to finished floor, making spindle extensions unnecessary to solve problems of undue friction.
  • Opening up to 180° in both swings with hydraulic control from approx 150°, hold open at 90°, 105° or any angle between 150° and 180°. The non hold open version has a back stop at 150°.
  • Closing speed controlled by two easily adjustable independent thermostatic valves: soft closing or powerful latching action to ensure proper closing also in case of hard-to-latch locks.
  • Adjustable closing force EN 1-3 (7310) and EN 2-4 (7410).
  • Mechanical back check to prevent uncontrolled openings.
  • Variety of available spindles: square Italian (standard), square French, rectangular German, rectangular Spanish spindles.
    Other types on request.
  • Spindle extended on request up to +30 mm in one piece cam to ensure best resistance.
  • Architectural finishes: coverplates in polished stainless steel, satin stainless steel, polished brass. On request, inottone (brass finished inox enhanced by titanium treatment).