Vloerveren Speedy KS 3000

Speedy KS3000 vloerveer / Ferme-porte, Pivot de sol hydraulique à encastrer SPEEDY KS3000 / Floor spring Speedy KS3000

  1. This is a double acting door closer, particularly suited to installations with DIN right or DIN left and in special situations where the cement box must be placed completely outside the jamb. (For example, a step near the threshold or to avoid making a recess in two adjacent rooms.)
  2. Highly reliable mechanics. Yield greater than 75%. Lasts more than a decade.
  3. Can be regulated inside the cement case, above all longitudinally to consent use even where the hinge axes are different.
  4. Quick and effective fixing in the cement case with just two screws, which control four tempered steel lateral blades.
  5. One single valve programs the desired closing speed from 115 ° to 0° ca. An additional valve enables and regulates the latch speed from 15° to 0° ca.
  6. "Thermo constancy" is standard equipment.
  7. The cover is fixed to a small counterbalanced lever (movable, self-centering) with two screws. With this innovative fixing the cover is always perfectly aligned with the door.
  8. The rear cover (supplied with the cover) is inserted and fixed with a screw, once the door and cover are installed. The rear cover has a thin blade appendix that can easily be cut and shaped if a jamb requires it. If this has been forgotten, it does not imply dismantling the door.
  9. One single strength (factory preset) perfectly suits 90% of doors. One additional strength nearly completely covers the remaining 10% of doors.
  10. Back stop upon request.
  11. Version with interchangeable spindles heads upon request.
  12. Extended spindle version upon request.
  13. Special version for particularly aggressive environments upon request.