COLCOM Showerboxes

Hydraulic hinges

Hydraulic hinges available in version glass-wall and glass-glass, suitable for shower boxes, saunas and Turkish bath.

Side hinges

Selection of free-moving hinges with slide or without, wall-glass or glass-glass. Available in all finishes.

Clicking hinges

This section consists of hinges with semi locking positions at 0°-90°-180° according to the model. Wall-glass or glass-glass versions. Available in all finishes.


The systems are true and proper kits, with coordinated design of the single parts and come under the names of Hip-zac, Ala e Coleman. Available both as complete ready-to-install kits or assembled by matching codes. Various finishes.


Complements include: angle bars, clamps, knobs and handles, glass-locking bars, profiles and accessories. Available in various finishes, often their design is coordinated with the Minusco systems.